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Always on the Move!

Lord, I feel as though all sorts of breakthroughs are just around the corner. It makes me think of the Narnia Tales when things had been going so badly for so long, and then someone caught a glimpse of Aslan, or little miracles started to happen, they knew that Aslan was coming to redeem the situation. It seems that You have always worked that way in my life—after long periods of struggle, there’s always a big breakthrough. When one prayer gets answered, it seems to trigger an avalanche of answered prayer. I believe things are moving in that direction right now, and after this long period of trial, I am ready. I pray I have been a good student during this time, and that I have learned the things You were trying to teach me. Thank You for the glimpses of light I am beginning to see. Thank You for your great love and mercy. I love You so much!

Dear child, I am always on the move. Sometimes it is just more visible to you, and those are seasons of harvest. But the times of planting and watering are just as important. Do not despise the day of small things (Zec. 4:10), because my plans are moving forward always—they cannot be thwarted (Job 42:2). Just remember that times of struggle are also part of the plan, because they teach you invaluable lessons on walking by faith, as they help you to focus on the things that are unseen and eternal rather than the things that are seen and temporary (2 Cor. 4:18). Focus on Me and rest in my love, and I will dispel your fears (1 Jn. 4:18). I always stand ready to comfort you in your affliction, and have not left you as an orphan, but have poured my Spirit on you and in you (2 Cor. 1:4, Jn 14:18). Therefore, you have all you need to walk victoriously (2 Cor. 2:14). Yes, I am on the move—the things that have been obscured will become clear soon. The seeds that were planted underground will soon break through, and you will have cause rejoice, but even now you can rejoice in Me. Rejoice that you belong to Me, and that I am working out my good purposes in your life (Rom. 8:28). Rejoice in me always (Ph. 4:4)! Choose to dwell on things that are true and worthy of praise (Ph. 4:8). That means, you cannot allow thoughts about negative circumstances to consume you—rather enter my presence and let my consuming fire burn away the chaff of fear and doubt. As you do this, you will soon find yourself reaping the harvest that has been planted. I am the Lord of the harvest, so stand behind Me and it will come. Do not jump ahead of me or try to control it. Rather stand still and watch Me bring it about (Ex. 4:13). I love you my child, and am always working on your behalf. Rest in that knowledge. 

When Every Door Closes

This post just came to mind so I looked it up. Five and a half years I see His hand so clearly. The redirection from those closed doors lead to Called to Peace Ministries, and it’s grown beyond anything I ever would have expected. His hand is all over it. If you’re in what seems to be limbo, wait on Him. He always has a plan. 💗

Good morning Lord. It seems like doors are slamming in every area of my life on a daily basis. Right now I recognize that I have a choice. I can get frustrated and see myself as a victim, or I can be wise, and realize that You are sovereign over the people and circumstances that seem to be slamming those doors. They would have no power if You did not allow it. I have lived long enough now to recognize your hand behind situations that seem out of control. Although I recognize your sovereignty, I have to say that it still hurts to let go of my dreams of the way I imagined life and ministry would look. I know that your ways are higher than mine, and your perfect plan involves a process of sanctification on my part. I have to let go of pride and control, realizing that the closing doors are lessons in letting go. I also recognize that You want to use these barriers to redirect me. The problem is I don’t seem to have enough light to know which way to move. You have sent a few people into my pathway to offer guidance, but I honestly can’t see how it all fits together. I have a dream that seems impossible. Yet, I know that nothing is impossible with You, so this is going to have to be supernatural all around. I have very little idea of which way to turn. Give me clarity Lord. I need your help desperately, and in the meantime I will choose to praise You while I wait. Amen

Little one, hold my hand as you go through this dark place. You cannot see ahead of you, but I can. I have brought you here for a reason, and will open the next door in my perfect timing. As long as you hold onto Me, you will not stumble. Remember your walk is one of faith and not sight (2 Cor. 5:7). This season will reinforce that truth. Stop looking for a breakthrough. Instead, just forget what is behind and reach forward to what lies ahead (Ph. 3:13-14). As you do you will find my hand, and experience my leading. Do not stop to try and figure things out, just follow Me. There will be a breakthrough in time, but even then you will have to take each step by faith. Your road on earth will never be one of security and ease. Instead it will be a journey of continued opportunities to grow in faith. Your assignment here is to press forward, and not let the past weigh you down. You are correct that I have allowed doors to close in order to redirect you. Understanding that truth should give you assurance and confidence that the darkness is only temporary. Use this time to draw closer to your source. Seek Me and not answers. I have this under control, so you do not need to strive. Trust in Me with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding. In everything, acknowledge Me, and I will direct your path (Pr. 3:5-6).

Soaring Above the Limits

Father, I give you this day. I give you my ears and my eyes, and ask You to help me hear your voice, and to see through your eyes. You know my limitations, but I ask You to work beyond them. Surprise me with little miracles that would never happen if it depended on Me. You have done that so many times over the course of my life, and I love telling people about how You care about even the small details of our lives. What an amazing privilege You have given your children- to have a personal relationship with You! It is remarkable and wonderful. I am so blessed to be your child. Help me share this great blessing with others. I thank  Father, overcome my tendency towards distraction. Help me to shine your light in this dark, dark world. Amen

Come boldly to my throne daughter. Some days you forget that I understand and sympathize with your weaknesses. Do not let them keep you away from me. Come to me in confidence, and you will find mercy and grace to help in your time of need (Heb. 4:15-16). I see your desire, along with your self-condemnation. I am much more gracious than you are. Come—don’t beat yourself up. I see the desire of your heart, and will honor that. Yes, the world is filled with distractions, but if you will come and rest a while in my presence, the distractions will fade away. I do not condemn you for distraction. I am not measuring our relationship in terms of time. You are time-bound and put so many demands on yourself based on that, but I exist outside of time. I look beyond time limits to the heart. I see the desires of your heart, and they mean so much more to me than your self-imposed demands to make your quiet time look a certain way. Coming to me out of obligation does not please my heart as much as spontaneous moments of praise. It blesses me when you praise me throughout your day, when you are obedient to share with the people I put in your path, and when you stop to read a passage of scripture I have laid on your heart. It blesses me when I am never far from your thoughts. It blesses me when you sing praises as you drive down the road, and as you pray for those I put on your heart. It blesses me that you are so grateful to be my child. So many of my children take it for granted. Just know that I am with you in all your time-bound moments, but I am also with you outside of time. Today take on an eternal perspective. Do not fret over the limits of this world, but rejoice that I have overcome them for you. You are my child, and our relationship is eternal. Never let a time limit cause you to forget that. As you wait on Me, you will rise up on wings like an eagle, and you will soar above these earthly limits (Is. 40:31).

In the Waiting Room…

This year in my quiet time, I decided to wait on God. So often we come into His presence with our own agendas, and move through them quickly without ever stopping to listen and “hear” what He would speak to our hearts. For the past month, I decided to write down what I believe He is speaking to me, and the results have been surprising. When we know His word, He brings it to mind and He speaks directly to our daily struggles. This is a compilation of the things He has been speaking to me. I pray it will speak to your heart as well.

I am copying and pasting from another blog that I shut down.


Lord, last night I struggled in my dreams, literally, with fistfights and all. People in the dream kept trying to steal what was rightfully mine, and I knew that I needed to fight. I knew it was the right thing to do, or I would be allowing evil to win. However, in my struggles I never landed an effective blow. There was nothing I could do to win the fights. Then I woke up and was reminded of all the obstacles in my life right now. I feel called to and long to be able to move full time into ministry. Yet, circumstances prevent me. Life goes on, and nothing seems to change. I guess I am waiting for this big “break” where I can suddenly be in ministry full-time, but I don’t suppose it will be a sudden thing. I, I, I, Me, Me, Me. Yes, I hear You. It’s not about me. It’s not about the obstacles. It’s about You. Show me how to tap into Your desires for my life. Help me to stop striving and know You more. I know I need to take more time, make more time, for Your Word and quiet time in Your presence. That is where the big “break” will come. It occurred to me yesterday that I should set aside one day a week to spend with You, to write, to study and to seek. Help me make the time to do that, and I pray for Your guidance as I do it. In that dream last night, I was never able to win, but that is because I was doing the fighting rather than You. This is Your battle, and as you told the Israelites it is Your battle. Ex. 14:14 The LORD will fight for you, and you won’t have to do a thing. Help me to stand behind You and watch the salvation of my God displayed. Far too often I have tried to lead You into the battles, and without Your protection it has not gone well. The only way to win is to let You fight. Help me be still. Help me trust. Help me wait patiently before You. You know my heart and my frustrations Lord. I surrender it all to You. Amen

Sweet child. Rest. It will not be long. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened. For everyone who seeks finds, and everyone who knocks will find an open door– when they are seeking my kingdom. Hold on to Me, and watch what I will do. You are right. This is not your battle, but mine. Don’t rush to fight when it’s not even a battle I have chosen. You will have battles to fight, but they must be fought, as you stand clothed in the full armor I provide. Prepare your heart and mind daily for the battles to come, and when the time comes I will lead you into victory. Hold on. Wait. It is coming.


Many people have asked about the format of my devotional blog. After reading Jesus Calling, I decided to take the time to stop and meditate after writing down my prayers. My mom did this years ago in her journal. Each day, I ask God to show me what He would have to say. Most of the time, Scriptures come into my mind, and much of the recorded response is based on Scripture. Certainly, I am not audibly hearing Him speak, but these messages are impressed on my heart, and if they line up with Scripture, I feel free to put them down. Several times, the responses have surprised me, as they have challenged me and made me think in ways I don’t believe I would have. God fills His children with His Spirit (2 Cor.1:22), and certainly He can speak to their hearts. I pray you will find these messages encouraging, and helpful in your daily walk with Him.