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Soaring Above the Limits

Father, I give you this day. I give you my ears and my eyes, and ask You to help me hear your voice, and to see through your eyes. You know my limitations, but I ask You to work beyond them. Surprise me with little miracles that would never happen if it depended on Me. You have done that so many times over the course of my life, and I love telling people about how You care about even the small details of our lives. What an amazing privilege You have given your children- to have a personal relationship with You! It is remarkable and wonderful. I am so blessed to be your child. Help me share this great blessing with others. I thank  Father, overcome my tendency towards distraction. Help me to shine your light in this dark, dark world. Amen

Come boldly to my throne daughter. Some days you forget that I understand and sympathize with your weaknesses. Do not let them keep you away from me. Come to me in confidence, and you will find mercy and grace to help in your time of need (Heb. 4:15-16). I see your desire, along with your self-condemnation. I am much more gracious than you are. Come—don’t beat yourself up. I see the desire of your heart, and will honor that. Yes, the world is filled with distractions, but if you will come and rest a while in my presence, the distractions will fade away. I do not condemn you for distraction. I am not measuring our relationship in terms of time. You are time-bound and put so many demands on yourself based on that, but I exist outside of time. I look beyond time limits to the heart. I see the desires of your heart, and they mean so much more to me than your self-imposed demands to make your quiet time look a certain way. Coming to me out of obligation does not please my heart as much as spontaneous moments of praise. It blesses me when you praise me throughout your day, when you are obedient to share with the people I put in your path, and when you stop to read a passage of scripture I have laid on your heart. It blesses me when I am never far from your thoughts. It blesses me when you sing praises as you drive down the road, and as you pray for those I put on your heart. It blesses me that you are so grateful to be my child. So many of my children take it for granted. Just know that I am with you in all your time-bound moments, but I am also with you outside of time. Today take on an eternal perspective. Do not fret over the limits of this world, but rejoice that I have overcome them for you. You are my child, and our relationship is eternal. Never let a time limit cause you to forget that. As you wait on Me, you will rise up on wings like an eagle, and you will soar above these earthly limits (Is. 40:31).

Living for the Unseen World

Lord, I come to You this morning filled with cares of the world. Forgive me. You know my needs, and I know You will meet them according to your riches in glory. Help me to stop meditating on things that are seen, and start meditating on You and the unseen kingdom instead. I surely do need You every hour. It amazes me how weak I am, and how patient You are! Thank You so much! There is nothing I could ever do to thank You enough. While I can’t earn your favor, I certainly want to show my gratitude by living in a way that honors and glorifies You. I feel like I fall so short every day; that is why I have to take the time to sit at your feet. I need your direction for my day, because I seem to have a propensity to waste time or at least to spend it on things of lesser importance. Lord, I want You to be in the driver’s seat. Why is it such a struggle? This world system just seems to take over, and I feel like I am anemic, as are so many in the American church. Father, please waken your people. Help us to shine for You in this dark world.

Dear Child, you are mine. I hold you in my able hands. Let go of the concerns and worry. Just sit and worship a while. Continue to lift your loved ones up to Me. I am more than able, even when you don’t see a way. Remember to aim your affections and passions on Me, and you will find the answers you desire. You are asking according to my will, but you must also abide in Me, and my Word must permeate your soul. Nothing is impossible when you abide in Me. You know how much you need Me, so walk in that knowledge, ever looking up and not to the left or right. I will uphold you and strengthen you. I can enable you to live far above your nature and the world in general. In the world you will have trouble, but cheer up, I have overcome the world.