Being Overwhelmed

Lord, make me resolute and determined to put You above the noise and distractions of this life. I want to glorify and serve You in everything I do. Even though I feel like I am wandering in the wilderness, I know You are leading me, and You have a plan that cannot be thwarted. You have allowed me to come into this place for a reason, and I will wait on You for the next step. In the meantime, I know there are areas of my life that must change. I must be persistent in seeking You more than anything else. I must learn how to find victory over 21st century living with all its demands and distractions—to pursue quietness and stillness in the midst of noise and chaos. Help me return to my first love daily, to put you above the shallow substitutes that would vie for my affections. Oh Lord, there is nothing else worthy, only You. Help me to live with passion and share your goodness with others. Amen

 All things are possible to those who believe. Do you believe I can give you victory over distraction? When it comes, do not allow frustration to become your focus. Anxiety cannot exist in my presence, so enter in. Breathe in my Spirit, and rest in Me. I will help you as you shut out the world for a while. Rather than allowing temporary life overwhelm you, come and be overwhelmed by Me. Come and see that nothing is greater than I Am. That will change your perspective for the day, and help you shine for Me. I have not asked you to leave the world, but to be a light. That can only happen as you spend time with Me. Come now and find refreshing for your soul. 

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